The Ghost Backpack

The Ghost backpack offers a multitude of functions and benefits that make it the ideal bag for contemporary consumers.

The backpack’s several features that include a built-in charger for cellphones, a location-assistance feature that can be used to find lost phones, a built-in tracker in case the backpack is lost, a quick-access pocket, RFID pockets that protect from hackers, and a utility pocket for valuable items. The backpack is also made from material that is cut proof, waterproof, anti-shock and anti-sweat due to its seven-layer construction.

Despite its many features, the Ghost backpack comes in simple white or black colors, and reveals a sleek and minimalist design that offers a subtle, fashion-forward aesthetic for those who wear it.

In resume: This backpack will charge your phone, secure your belongings, and even help you track it down if you lose it – and much more!

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