• $200

Six Minutes to Ice Cubes with 405’s High-Speed Freezer.

Boiling’s Easy, Freezing Ain’t…Until Now!

How long does it take to boil water…anywhere from 2-5 minutes for the average cooking amount, right? It varies, of course, but regardless of your equipment, elevation, temperatures, etc., everyone knows one thing for certain: all things being equal, hot tea comes much faster than iced coffee. Such is life.
360 Seconds to Ice

Well, hot tea is still faster, but 405’s New Ice Maker is closing the gap is a very serious way (not to mention entirely dominating in the Super Lame Product Name category). Anyway, just 6 minutes – SIX MINUTES TO ICE CUBES! To be clear, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have a bucket of ice in 6 minutes, but in roughly that amount of time, the machine will start regularly kicking out the hard water.

405 estimates that, under average environmental conditions (ambient temperature, water temperature, etc.), the New Ice Maker can produce 4 full servings of ice in just 30 minutes. Have you ever waited for ice to freeze? It’s torturous – but this right here is fantastic.

Vital Specs:
Dimensions: Width 242 × depth 358 × height 328mm
Weight: About 9kg
Ice Storage Capacity: 900g
Ice Making Capacity: About 12kg/day
Colors: Red, White
Price: ¥24,800 (~$200)

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