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Next “Gran Turismo” the first to support Sony’s PlayStation VR headset

“Gran Turismo Sport” is Sony’s long-running “Gran Turismo” game’s PlayStation 4 debut. The first “GT” was released in 1997 on the PlayStation 1, and 20 years later, “Gran Turismo” is still going strong, holding on to its title as “the real driving simulator.”

Polyphony Digital develops the “Gran Turismo” games, and the studio is full of staff who love cars. Not only has Polyphony worked with Nissan on the GT-R car’s interface system, but studio honcho Kazunori Yamauchi races cars in real life. That love and realism is evident in all of the “Gran Turismo” games.

The first “GT” title with the “Sport” moniker, this PS4 version is also the first to support Sony’s PlayStation VR headset for an even more immersive gameplay experience. Note that VR will only be supported in a VR Tour Mode, which has been designed to really show off the virtual reality effects.

Unlike previous mainline games, however, “GT Sport” doesn’t have a dynamic weather or day-night cycle. But it still promises to be the most beautiful “GT” game ever released, supporting 4K televisions, true HDR, and running at a crisp 60 frames per second.

Like the other games, it’s packed with cars, with over 170 vehicles to race, including, for the first time in the series’ history, a Porsche. Polyphony was finally able to feature the German car maker after its exclusive license with Electronic Arts ended.

Because “Gran Turismo” releases are always a big deal, Sony is also offering a special “GT”-emblazoned PS4 bundled with the game for ¥43,178. “Gran Turismo Sport” will be released on Oct. 19, with the regular edition priced at ¥7,452.

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