Smile and have a drink or two

The major drinks manufacturer Kirin Beverage Co. has released a digital signage vending machine, which will not only provide customers with multilingual information, but can also take your picture. Yes — it really will take your selfie.

Kirin is taking advantage of two popular activities in Japan: the well-loved print-club sticker photo booth phenomenon and the more recent mobile-phone-selfie obsession.

The company’s new Vendorphoto machine will sell you a drink then, if you want, it will take your photo, which you can decorate at the machine with a choice of digital frames You can then receive the photo via the Line communication app.

A collaboration between Kirin, Line and Intel, the Vendorphoto machines, which are equipped with huge touch screens, also have a serious function.

On top of offering details about Kirin’s products, they can provide disaster prevention information, early earthquake warnings and tsunami alerts. All of this in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

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