A Hydrogen-Powered Bike.

This hydrogen-powered bicycle is one of the best possible eco-friendly commuting options. The hydrogen-powered bike is called the Linde H2. It runs on a small hydrogen-powered fuel cell, which takes five minutes to charge and can provide assisted biking for over 62 miles. When the assisted biking mode is in use, the bike’s fuel cell uses the hydrogen to generate an electric charge, boosting the bike’s speed and ease of riding.

Hydrogen is a zero-emissions fuel alternative; it’s completely non-toxic and odorless, and contains 10 times more energy by weight than petrol fuel. That makes this hydrogen-powered bike one of the most eco-friendly commuting options available.

As an added bonus, the Linde H2 hydrogen-powered bike’s blue-and-white design is a stylish alternative to many other electric bike options.

via Charlotte Joyce Kidd

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