This London Litter Campaign Uses Fun Games to Recycle Cigarettes and Gum

Design company ‘Hubbub’ teamed up with ‘Common Works’ to create a litter campaign that uses entertaining and interactive ways to reduce garbage on the streets of London, England. Employing Brits’ sense of competition, strong opinions and love of “football,” these sidewalk games limit the number of cigarette butts and pieces of gum dropped onto the pavement.

One such game uses a large, transparent box that has two different holes to drop cigarette butts into. Giving each piece of litter the power of a vote, they are dropped into one slot or the other depending on which famous soccer player they prefer. In this case, it’s Ronaldo versus Messi but any other question can get the masses voting as well.

The other sidewalk station designed was a dot to dot drawing board. Stick your chewing gum onto an X and you will further complete the image. This interactive litter campaign uses positive reinforcement instead of punishment to successfully keep the streets of London clean.

via Cadhla Gray

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