The Smartflower Green Generator Can Produce More Than Enough Energy in a Day

A greener future is upon us, with appliances like the Smartflower becoming truly publicly accessible. This innovative and wonderfully eco-friendly unit is made to the ideal size for a single household, and it will be affordable to consumers.

The maker of this flower-shaped solar panel system says that its product is capable of drawing enough sunny rays to meet the electricity needs of the average home each day. They’ve broken down the math for the consumer into highly digestible examples, explaining how many times you can run your clothes dryer and how many loaves of fresh bread you can bake with what’s been generated by your own Smartflower.

Devices like this provide consumers peace of mind, knowing that they’re doing their part for the environment. Additionally, if they’re able to fork out the cash for the initial cost of the Smartflower, they will ultimately only save money on utilities from year to year.

via Amelia Roblin

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