New Solar Survival Lantern Never Needs Batteries

The rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium polymer battery holds power for a full year
No batteries. Fully charges with just 6 hours of sun, for off-the-grid lighting
Long lasting. Delivers up to 12 hours of non-stop light. Enough for any overnight emergency
Dependable. Ten (10) high-output LEDs deliver 360 degrees of light, with 80 lumens of illumination. Lights up the darkest areas of any room or outdoor situation
Rugged. Perfect for the car, power outages, camping, fishing, hunting, hurricanes — anywhere lighting is critical portable, easy to store.
Lightweight (just 4 ounces) and compact (only 1” tall deflated, 4½” inflated)
Waterproof and maintenance free. Take it boating or canoeing
Hands-free light source. Easy to hang — indoors or out — with sturdy handles

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