Samsung Electronics has unveiled new system air-conditioning products

In a move to expand its global presence as a business-to-business (B2B) provider.

“We will turn our air-conditioning system division into a $10 billion (11.3 trillion won) business by 2020,” Yoon Boo-keun, president and CEO at Samsung Electronics’ consumer electronics division, said during a press conference at its training center here, Tuesday.

“The global air-conditioning market is worth some $74 billion, with system air-conditioning products holding half of the share,” Yoon said. “Right now, we are holding some 3 to 5 percent of the global market in the system air-conditioning business. Our consumer electronics division, which handles the business, has so far failed to actively deal with the B2B market, compared to business-to-customer (B2C).”

He said the company is confident in realizing the goal of reaching 10 billion won in sales, backed by its experience in its B2C operations.

“We are contacting some 9,000 partners in 50 countries to expand our business on the global stage. We will expand into China, America, Southeast Asia and Africa,” he said.

During the Samsung AC Forum 2015, Samsung unveiled its new system air-conditioning products equipped with improved capacity, energy efficiency and key technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

In particular, the company introduced its round-shaped air-conditioner, the 360 Cassette. The device provides the same level of coolness in all parts of the room due to its round shape, it said. The 360 Cassette guarantees almost zero-percent air flow reduction, while existing air-conditioner systems reduce air flow up to 25 percent, the company said.

The company also unveiled its DVM system air-conditioning series, including the DVM S, DVM S Eco, and DVM Chiller.

DVM S Eco is equipped with characteristics to maximize energy efficiency and optimize space, Samsung added.

“The 14 horsepower compact air-conditioning system was designed to meet the growing demand for system air-conditioners in large houses and medium-sized buildings,” a company spokesman said.

“The DVM S Eco guarantees the largest capacity which can cover spaces of up to 320 square meters.”

The company also revealed the DVM Chiller which does not require an additional cooling tower, thus helping users make best use of space.

Samsung plans to invest more to connect each air-conditioning device to the IoT by establishing platforms for security and senior care, the company said.

Yoon said Samsung will take the lead in building IoT-converged businesses by collaborating with various industries such as architecture to become a key player in both B2B and B2C.

“The new air-conditioning systems will help us gain new momentum to visualize our smart space project,” he said.

The company added it will also keep expanding its IoT-based B2C platforms, especially in the smart home business.

Samsung is hosting the AC Forum for 10 days beginning Tuesday, with its partners from home and abroad visiting the venue.

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