• $90

Reduce waste by squashing your trash

Thanko is selling a trash can for the modern age. Thanko has caught onto the worry that we all have: Doesn’t it always seem like the trash can fills up even though you just took the garbage out? Realizing that this might be because people are probably just not using their trash cans very efficiently, Thanko has created a new type of trash can which you can use to squash your trash.

With a pushing device in the lid of the trash can, just push down to compress your trash, a method which helps to create space and use each trash bag efficiently. According to Thanko, squashing down the trash creates up to 30% extra space in your trash can. This gain is not insignificant, and the reduction in number of trash bags required mean that it’s a sizable victory from both an economic and environmental perspective. And the best bit? You don’t even need to get your hands dirty.

With a standard 40L size, Thanko isn’t making any cuts in functionality with this trash can. So if you want to save yourself a few yen, and help reduce your waste at the same time, Thanko’s Tra-Ashuku Box might be for you.

Price: 9,800 yen (About 90USD).

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