Electric toothbrush suppresses bacteria that causes plaque and gum disease

Sanyei Corp’s ION-Sei toothbrush is aimed at fashionable, trendsetter people, and the families who demand more holistic and cutting-edge health. It offers a different way of cleaning to most of the electric brushes on the market, and comes in a handy ergonomic and lightweight product design that’s perfect for travelling with, and will fit into handbags for example.

ION-Sei uses a patented new technology by using UV light, a Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) rod and water, generating electrons and ions that suppress the bacteria which cause plaque to develop. The regular use of the ION-Sei electric toothbrush inhibits bacteria build up so over time eliminating plaque. Conventional electric toothbrushes use mechanical brushing to remove bacteria, which can return within a few hours to generate further plaque deposits.

ION-Sei’s unique technology provides a very effective teeth hygiene system that over time will reduce the bacteria build up that creates plaque. The result is teeth surfaces feel smoother for longer, creating a much more pleasant mouth feel for users. The sonic vibration provides the last part of the teeth cleaning experience, to help remove tooth surface debris.

Sanyei wanted to create a visibly different design and using the combination of Japanese innovation with German product design, the final result is elegant, light weight and user-friendly. Toothbrushes are moving from being purely a functional product, to one which is more fashion orientated and suit consumers’ life-styles. ION-Sei provides a choice of 2 contemporary colors (day white and lake blue), the shade of each color has been carefully chosen by Sanyei to complement a mood or life style.

The ION-Sei toothbrush head is soft and the brushing action gentle, so it is kind to your teeth, gums and mouth. The sonic action, coupled with the superior cleaning technology delivered by the ION-Sei technology delivers a highly effective clean gently, without the need for aggressive actions or hard bristles.

Using the ION-Sei teeth cleaning system, the need to use toothpaste is no longer required, you can simply use water. The ability of ION-Sei to eliminate plaque and control the bacteria that cause it, does not require toothpaste. Toothpaste is really only needed to freshen the breath, due to the effective cleaning that ION-Sei delivers on its own.

For further information on ION-Sei, visit www.ion-sei.com

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