Ites to Release Solar Panel Inspection Device Supporting DC 1,500V

Ites Co Ltd (Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture) will release the high-end model of the “Solamente-Z” string checker, which enables to judge whether there is a failure of solar panel in each string, Jan 15, 2019.

The high-end model, “Solamente-Z (SZ-1000),” supports a direct-current (DC) voltage of 1,500V. The Solamente-Z is a solar panel inspection device using the “Impedance Measurement Method,” which is Ites’ patented technology. It applies special detection signals to string circuits to measure open-circuit voltage and series resistance (impedance), enabling to detect abnormal strings.

The new model supports the measurement of DC 1,500V solar power generation systems, which are being introduced especially for mega (large-scale) solar power plants in an accelerated way. It enables to work more safety without applying a short-circuit current to the inside of a device. It eliminates the need to operate buttons because it automatically conducts measurement by detecting a voltage.

The SZ-1000 can store 4,000 cases of data. In the case of a 1,500V system, it can continuously inspect 30MW of solar panels. It is possible to input desired three-layer measurement numbers, drastically shortening the time it takes to make a repot. Measurement results can be stored in an SD card and sent to a personal computer (PC) as CSV data.

The SZ-1000 supports the separately-sold “Z/iS Linkage Kit” (SR-200) and can detect panels troubled with cluster disconnection before power transmission starts or when power transmission stops.

It also supports general calibration by the manufacturer, enabling to issue calibration certificates, certificates of analysis and traceability system diagrams for fees. The calibration period recommended by the manufacturer is one year. Also, the company recommends an overhaul in the fourth year.

The SZ-1000 is a handy type that can be carried with one hand. If a wall-mounted hook is used, its operability is further improved, Ites said. It can be operated for about eight hours with four AA nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable batteries.

The SZ-1000 measures 230 x 117 x 55mm and weighs 620g (including a silicon case, excluding rechargeable batteries). Its price is ¥600,000 (approx US$5,284, excluding tax). The company aims to release 100 units of the product in 2019.

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