Walk for your money

There are plenty of apps that can record the number of steps you have walked in a day. But what do you do with that information, aside from keep track of your daily exercise? And how does that encourage you to keep on walking?

Agoop, a communications and information services subsidiary of Softbank, has come up with WalkCoin, the novel idea of using steps to earn currency. Admittedly, this is digital currency that can only be exchanged for entry into a lottery, but it could help encourage you to exercise a little more. For every 6,000 steps in a day, users receive one coin, with possible bonuses for higher achievements within a week. For every 10 coins, the user can enter a lottery, which currently has Amazon coupon prizes, the top being for ¥10,000.

WalkCoin also has a calorie counter and a journal feature, making it as useful as other pedometer apps, just with a little extra incentive.

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