Fujifilm developing concrete repairing material by using nanotechnology

Fujifilm Corp is developing a repairing material that easily penetrates into concrete, by applying an ultrafine particle technology (nanotechnology) that it developed for photographic films and cosmetics.

The company aims to commercialize a repairing material whose particles are more than 90% smaller than the particles of its existing product within a few years.

For example, Fujifilm is considering a surface impregnation material that is applied to the surface of concrete to improve durability.

A liquid impregnation material infiltrates in concrete from its surface through fine voids and prevents factors that deteriorate concrete from entering to slow the progresses of salt damage, alkali-silica reaction, etc. When the particles of the impregnation material are large, it does not deeply penetrate.

Voids in general concrete measure about 100 nanometers. On the other hand, the particles of existing impregnation materials measure about 100 nanometers on average, and there is a variation in their size. Therefore, impregnation materials do not penetrate into some parts, potentially making it impossible to achieve an expected effect.

Fujifilm is developing a surface impregnation material whose particles have a uniform size of 10 nanometers or less by using its nanotechnology. Expecting that it will also be used for preventive maintenance, the company aims to realize a material that penetrates into newly-built concrete whose internal voids measure about 10 nanometers. Currently, the company is testing performance while considering volume production.

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