This Bus is Designed to Go Significantly Further on a Single Charge

Former Tesla employee Ryan Popple designed an electric bus that can run for 258 miles on a single charge. While many companies are working on designing better electric cars, public transit has also received an eco-friendly update. This emission-free bus demonstrates that electric vehicles are possible on a large scale.

Unlike conventional buses, the ‘Proterra’ is lightweight, efficient and emission-free. The electric bus is built from the ground-up and features a unique aerodynamic body. The advanced engineering and high-tech design allow the bus to run for over 250 miles on a single charge. Not only is the electric bus eco-friendly, but it also boasts a low operational cost because it does not need to be fueled with diesel.

The supercharged electric bus demonstrates that companies are looking for new ways to improve public transit systems in order to make them more sustainable in the long run.

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