The World’s First Auto-Director AI Camera

A camera is only as good as the human wielding it. A professional with an iPhone can shoot better images than an amateur with a DSLR. The OBSBOT Tail doesn’t want to empower the person wielding the camera. It wants to remove them.

You wouldn’t think AI would so quickly replace someone as critical as a cameraman or a director, but OBSBOT has started that process. The OBSBOT Tail is a fully maneuverable camera capable of capturing photos and videos by using a 3-axis gimbal to track objects and subjects around a space. The gimbal is remarkably agile, and can make 360° turns too, to capture what it’s set to. All you do is tell the OBSBOT what to track, and leave the rest to it. You can even let the OBSBOT Tail be the judge, giving its AI chip full freedom to play director and cameraman.

The OBSBOT Tail isn’t just a stabilizer or a gimbal with image-tracking, it’s much more. It houses an AI within it that can change shooting modes, shoot in vertical orientation too (IGTV, eh?), and has the ability to track objects/subjects with a degree of advancement that seems more human-like than technical, like intelligently follow chosen subjects or, alternatively, ignore them, zoom in or out to ensure everything is in framed perfectly, and even maintain the frame, ensuring your full-body or upper-body is captured, based on your input. The OBSBOT Tail also understands gestures, letting you start, stop recording, set a subject, capture photos, or even capture time-lapses.

The OBSBOT Tail packs a 1/2.3 inch Sony CMOS sensor and is capable of recording 4K video at 60fps. You can bump the frame rate all the way up to 240fps too, allowing OBSBOT to take incredible slow-motion videos. The camera packs a total of 10 lenses on the inside, including 4 HOYA aspheric lenses, and is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal that’s capable of making 360° turns. Videos recorded by the camera are accessible via the app, allowing you to add filters, mirror the video, or choose shooting ratios. You can even preemptively use the app to set targets and subjects, or toggle recording.

The OBSBOT Tail manages to do something pretty remarkable for the photography/filming/vlogging community. It removes a pretty big element that was necessary up until now… the cameraman. For people who are independent content creators, this meant having someone who would effortlessly capture you with a degree of professionalism, and not make rookie cameraman mistakes like leave you out of focus, or end up shaking the camera. The OBSBOT’s award-winning design (it’s a winner of the Red Dot and iF Design Award) and engineering helps remove that hassle. With a battery life of 3 hours, the OBSBOT Tail is much more capable than a hi-end drone, and unlike gimbals and stabilizers, doesn’t need to be held and operated by a human. It can pan, rotate, tilt and zoom to make sure its subject or subjects are always in the frame, even in chaotic scenes or low light conditions… and that AI, the secret sauce if you will, ensures that each shot is composed in a way that makes it feel like a director/cameraman was behind the lens!

Designer: Lu Gan (Remo)

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