The Ghostek NRGcamper Is a Solar Powered Backpack

The Ghostek NRGcamper 60 Liter Hiking Backpack is a versatile accessory for avid campers or outdoor sport enthusiasts that will enable them to keep essential gear stowed, while also maintaining connectivity at all times. Outfitted with an 11W solar panel, the backpack is capable of storing energy in the integrated 16,000mAh battery pack that can be used for charging smartphones or your choice of USB device. This will allow adventurers to explore at their leisure without having to feel worried about leaving electrical access at home to ensure they can stay connected at all times.

The Ghostek NRGcamper 60 Liter Hiking Backpack offers ample storage space in multiple compartments to make it a perfect luggage option for campers or backpackers.

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