The LED party dress, anyone?

The LED party dress by Belarus-based ETEREshop is sure to make a huge statement.

The item is handmade and intended to captivate audiences that frequent the rave scene.
The clothing article is available through Etsy and is made-to-order.

LED party dresses are an example of how brands are taking technology and incorporating it into fashion to create attention-demanding pieces that both entertain and cause a sense of wonder.

ETEREshop’s costume piece is especially ideal for performers that want to communicate a fun and future-forward aesthetic.

The item is, of course, quite delicate as ETEREshop needed to make some compromises to make the article of clothing wearable.

For example, in order for the LED party dress to be lightweight, it boasts very thin wires that hold it in place and wearers should be mindful of the performance restrictions.

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