This Bridge Will Soon Be Able to Generate Renewable Energy

The ‘Juncal Viaduct’ is a bridge in the Canary Islands that may soon be able to generate renewable energy. Some of the major problems with wind turbines is that they are expensive and that it can be hard to find space available to install them. Researchers from Kingston University have found a solution to these issues by installing the turbines underneath bridges.

The Juncal Viaduct will serve as a model for the new technology and will feature multiple wind turbines between its legs. The researchers determined that a series of small wind turbines would work better than a single large turbine because they would be able to extract more power. The researchers estimated that the installation would be able to generate enough power to avoid the emission of about 140 tons of CO2 each year.

While the design is currently just a concept, much of the existing infrastructure is already in place to generate renewable energy.

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