3D-Printing Knee Braces

The conceptual ‘Safe Landing Garment’ has been designed by Hubert Chen as a revolutionary new approach to orthotics that will help to provide enhanced comfort and support for wearers. Achieved thanks to 3D printing technology, the brace is capable of being customized to the exact specifications of the wearer. This makes it far more applicable to the anatomy of the wearer when compared to kinesiology tape and can also be applied without assistance to further enhance the convenience of the product.

The conceptual ‘Safe Landing Garment,’ or ‘SLG,’ is optimized for those who require additional support when partaking in sports or working out and is part of the burgeoning technology healthcare market. As our manufacturing techniques become more sophisticated thanks to procedures like 3D printing, we’ll likely continue to see products and treatments increase in terms of both quality and customization.

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