This new VR system enables the user to experience scent

NEC Corp developed a VR (virtual-reality) system that enables to experience scent.

The company expects that the system will be used for online shopping using virtual stores.

Users who visit a virtual store by using the VR system can not only see products such as apples but also smell their scents by approaching them. NEC aims to enhance the reality of virtual shopping by stimulating not only users’ visual sense but also their olfactory sense.

The new system uses a technology of Vaqso Inc, the US-based venture firm that deals with VR-related devices emitting scent.

NEC expects that many compact, light-weight VR devices will be sold and the popularity of VR shopping will grow when the use of 5G (the fifth-generation mobile communication system) spreads in or after 2021. The company is developing a new system in prospect of that, aiming to strengthen its VR solution business for corporate customers.

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