Vending machines used to charge smartphones

DyDo Drinco Inc has started a verification test of the Rental Charger free service that provides electricity from vending machines for charging smartphones and tablet computers.

The service will be provided in up to 10 areas of Tokyo. DyDo Drinco says it is putting priority on areas where there are many foreign tourists or students such as Kanda Shrine and Aoyama Gakuin University.

Users can charge their devices by using a USB port (a quick-charging type with an output of 2.4 amperes and a rated output of 5 volts) attached to a vending machine. Users need to bring a cable for charging. DyDo Drinco wishes that each user will limit the use of the charging port to five minutes or less so that many people can use it.

The Rental Charger is part of DyDo Drinco’s efforts to provide new values through vending machines other than purchasing beverages. It plans to create new values of vending machines by providing an environment for easily charging smartphones and tablet computers whose batteries have run out unexpectedly.

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