This semi-acoustic guitar is made in carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber lends a very different set of features to a guitar. Aside from making it practically unbreakable and possibly quadrupling its lifespan, it lends a unique timbre to the guitar. Carbon-fiber’s all-graphite construction brings a crystalline and detailed tone to the guitar while also allowing the instrument to have greater acoustic volume. The result is a better build quality (without glue, braces, or any additional fixtures) as well as a better sound. The Lava Me Pro guitar comes crafted in single piece, entirely out of carbon fiber. With a curved single-piece construction that goes from body to fretboard without breaking continuity, the Lava Me Pro is undoubtedly strong as well as lightweight.

Aside from being an acoustic guitar, the Lava Me Pro comes with pickups that allow it to function as an electric guitar too. A preamp and pickup control panel sits right at top of the guitar’s body, where the player can fine-tune the sound of the electric signal produced by the guitar. When used acoustically, the guitar produces a crisp and loud sound, courtesy the carbon fiber build, and an oddly located sound-hole right above the strings… a detail that gives the Lava Me Pro an instantly memorable aesthetic.

Via: LAVA MUSIC Design Team

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