LG unveils new ‘all-in-one’ air conditioners

LG Electronics has unveiled high-end air conditioners that combine cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and air purifying features in one device, aiming to take the lead in the high-priced air conditioner market.

Equipped with an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) feature and simple yet futuristic design, the company said Tuesday that the all-in-one air conditioners will be sold under its premium home appliance brand, Signature.

This is the first time the company launched an air conditioner product using its Signature brand. LG launched what it calls its “hyper premium” brand Signature in 2016 to sell high-priced home appliances and increase awareness. It has been selling OLED TVs, refrigerators, washers and air purifiers under the brand.

Song Dae-hyun, president of home appliance and air solution division at LG, said it took a while to add air conditioners to its premium lineup because the product needed more development time.

“The air conditioner has everything ranging from cooling and heating to humidification, dehumidification and air purifying features. Also, products under the Signature brand should be excellent in both design and function so we needed more time to meet such requirements,” Song said during a launching event at LG Science Park in southwestern Seoul.

Song revealed that LG has been considering adding more home appliances to the Signature lineups and dishwashers might be a possible candidate.

He added the price of the Signature air conditioner is not decided yet, but he expects it will be sold at around 10 million won ($8,833) and they are scheduled to be released here in May.

“We are discussing the price and it is not decided yet. But I think it would be at around 10 million won,” he said adding “We are not focusing on how many Signature products we sell because the Signature products are expected to improve brand awareness of LG.”

The Signature air conditioner is comprised of a floor standing air conditioner that can cover a 76-square-meter space and a wall-mounted air conditioner for a 23-square-meter space.

To counter the worsening fine dust problem, LG beefed up the air purifying performance of the new product.

“Compared to other air conditioners that have an air purifying feature, LG’s new air conditioners offer 80 percent improved air purifying performance. Inside the product, there is a ‘Signature Filter Cleanbot’ which automatically cleans out dust filters so that consumers don’t need to worry about cleaning them,” LG said.

LG said the new air conditioner boasts a “smarter” AI feature as well. Users can turn on their wall-mounted air conditioner via voice command.

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