‘Zero-emission’ data center to be built in Hokkaido, Japan

Kyocera Communication Systems Co Ltd will build a “zero-emission” data center that is powered only by renewable energy in Ishikari City, Hokkaido.

KCCS said it had formed a partnership agreement on the project with Ishikari City.

A private power line will be used to connect 2MW solar and 2MW wind power plants installed by KCCS and a nearby biomass power plant that has a partnership with KCCS. And renewable energy-derived electricity will be supplied to the data center directly from those power plants. Electricity will be stably supplied by using an AI-based supply-demand control technology.

The data center will be equipped with cooling equipment utilizing snow and ice (the characteristics of the region). In summer, it will cool servers by using snow stored in winter.

The construction of the data center will begin later this month, and it is scheduled to start operation within fiscal 2021. It will be connected to the solar, wind and biomass power plants one by one and is scheduled to start operation by using only renewable energy in 2022.

Kyocera Corp owns equipment design technologies related to energy saving, energy storage and energy creation such as solar panel, storage battery, fuel cell, LED and EMS (energy management system). Also, KCCS has engineering knowhow on the construction and maintenance of solar power plants as well as AI for prediction and control of renewable energy and aims to achieve sales of 30 billion yen in 2024.

Ishikari City has a “100% renewable energy area,” in which all the power demands of companies are aimed to be met only with renewable energy, in the Ishikari Bay New Port region (industrial park). A private power line will be established so that companies can operate without being connected to a power grid. Also, by using AI and storage batteries to match renewable energy-derived electricity to the power demands of facilities, the city will provide business locations to companies that have SDGs (sustainable development goals).

In the Ishikari Bay New Port region, wind and solar power generation facilities are being installed because of its good wind conditions and vast land. Also, in the port area, the plan to start operation of an offshore wind power plant with an output of about 100MW is underway.

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