Solar-powered phone-charging at Toranomon Hills in Tokyo

Mori Building, a leading urban developer, has opened a free solar-powered mobile phone-charging station, called City Charge, at the Toranomon Hills complex in Tokyo.

City Charge, which accords with municipal Tokyo’s efforts to create a smart-energy city through expanded use of renewable energy, follows the opening of the city’s first solar-powered charging station at Tokyo Tower last month.

City Charge stations, Japan’s first public-private initiative for free solar-powered charging, are being operated jointly by Tokyo Environmental Public Service Corporation and Sharp Corporation.

The station in Toranomon Hills, located in the Step Garden, will be operated for a year. It generates enough power to charge up 60 phones (15 min/charge) per day. The charging device is a new model featuring a cover that deploys automatically as required, enabling users to recharge their phones even during rainy weather. Surplus power is held in a storage battery to allow charging at night or on cloudy days. The station also can be used as an emergency source of electrical power for purposes other than charging phones.

Mori’s various Hills facilities in Tokyo, which function as “cities within cities,” provide ideal environments for field testing advanced products and services for cities of the future.

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