A lighting tool for photographers and filmmakers.

If you’re a budding filmmaker or photographer, you will know the challenges that come with capturing a dark and poorly-lit scene. And whilst an external flash or lighting set-up will solve this, they can be impractical and often inaccessible, as well as a carrying a hefty price-tag! This is where the Crack Light really shines, leading it to become a must-have tool to keep on your person!

Blind Spot Gear are no strangers when it comes to lighting solutions, with this being their sixth Kickstarter campaign. However, their Crack Light may just be their most innovative creation yet. This hugely flexible, waterproof and highly-compact lighting solution weighs in at just 19 grams, so you won’t even know you are carrying it! As it is powered by the incredibly accessible input of USB, you can even power the light panel with your phone. The uses for the Crack Light seem limitless, with the benefits that it brings having a significant impact on the quality of the images you capture!

Via Kickstarter

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