Yes, it’s a wheelchair… but not as you know it.

Permobil, a Swedish global provider of advanced rehabilitation technology, has updated its successful modular front wheel drive chair with new functions for improved body support and comfort, more flexible body positioning and smoother driving, as well as updated styling that lets users personalize their chairs.

With cutting-edge technology and design, the game-changing F-Series wheelchair brings a new level of mobility, independence and comfort for people living with disabilities… not to mention serious cool factor.

Since 1967, Permobil’s technology has enhanced freedom of movement for people with disabilities and enabled them to fully participate in society, a pressing topic in Japan ahead of the Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. The new F-Series is no exception, incorporating a slew of innovations:

• Updated Corpus seating system and cushions improve immersion into the seat for increased comfort and stability.
• Active Reach tilts the chair forward up to 45° (30° for the F3 model) and raises it to extend functional reach, aiding transfer from and to the wheelchair.
• Active Height seat elevator gives the user independence to reach, enables eye-to-eye contact and elevated driving at walking speed.
• Agile suspension offers independent suspension of all four wheels. This is beneficial when driving outdoors or for users with alternative drive control devices. Optional front- and rear- LED lights that are twice as bright as before ensure safe driving in dark conditions.
• Actuators have been doubled in strength to allow users up to 150kg to use the power recline function, enabling movement and body positioning to prevent secondary complications.
• A range of 13 easily interchangeable color decals, along with updated styling, enables users to personalize their chair to express themselves.

“The new F-series has been specifically designed to address the medical, functional and social needs of the user. We are proud to be able to offer it in Japan, which is an important growth market for Permobil.

Alongside power functions such as Active Reach, we are delighted to offer users updated aesthetics and an expanded color palette. Looking good is of course hugely important to people who sit in a wheelchair all day every day,” says Chuji Kaseda, Managing Director, Permobil K.K.

Linda Nilsson, Global Product Marketing Manager, adds, “The new F-series not only updates the look of the chair. Upgrades to the engineering side means an increase to the drive speed while the seat is in an elevated position to 5km/h, close to walking speed.”

The F-series has three models: the F3 Corpus with its compact footprint and tight turning radius makes it ideal for indoor and occasional outdoor use; F5 Corpus is a perfect hybrid for indoor and outdoor use and active lifestyles; and the F5 Corpus VS offers the same as the F5 Corpus with the added benefit of a standing functionality.

The modular chassis is a four-wheel power wheelchair with the drive wheels positioned towards the front seating system, in order to allow for excellent indoor and outdoor performance and maneuverability.

Lastly, Permobil is also testing an IoT application for wheelchairs in Japan. The application gathers and analyses user data, which can be used by for instance therapists to personalize treatments.

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