‘About Trees’ is a Book That Replaces Words with Trees

Irish artist Katie Holten has designed a book in which famous works of literature are translated not into another language, but into a system of tree symbols.

Katie Holten created a quirky, original typeface which replaces each of the 26 letters in the Roman alphabet with a unique tree variety. Then she translated various literary pieces into this tree code and printed them in a fascinating art book. The book displays the original English text on one page and the tree typeface version on the opposing page. Texts that are more dense are represented in forest form, with the trees crowded together closely, while shorter, less wordy pieces are displayed in sparse, spaced-apart woods.

Katie Holten says that she can see garden landscapes being based on the typeface — for example, the new Obama library could have in its garden a pattern of trees that actually spelled out a poem or quote.

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