Autonomous Smart Home Runs on Style, Luxury and Solar Power

This futuristic smart home is powered by solar energy and is even fitted with water and sewage systems.

From Swedish company IO House, the sustainable smart home is described as an “off-grid luxury vacation home” and is suitable for any climate.

The IO House is changing the entire concept of smart homes. The smartphone-controlled home is completely mobile. It is manufactured in a closed factory, which means it can be installed on a piece of land without any construction.

This gives future homeowners an opportunity to live where access is limited, be it mountains, fjords, golf courses or even islands. The smart home also has the potential to offer a great resale value, since it is not endlessly posted to a certain location.

Every house goes through a monitored quality check, which means there are no corners cut in production. The PREMIUM version of the house even comes with luxury Italian furniture and fittings.

This is something that can be truly named an all-inclusive smart home.

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