New AI speaker with display launched in South Korea

SK Telecom released an artificial intelligence (AI) speaker featuring a 7-inch display for the first time among domestic companies.

The nation’s top mobile carrier said its new NUGU Nemo AI speaker will improve user convenience significantly as it offers visual information in addition to auditory information.

The release of the new product comes as the market for AI speakers featuring a display is rapidly growing globally since Amazon released a screen-based smart speaker Echo Show in 2017.

In Korea, Naver and other IT companies are also preparing to release similar products.

“We released screen-based NUGU Nemo for users who want to check visualized information through AI speakers,” said Park Myung-soon, who heads the AI business unit at SK Telecom, during a media conference in Seoul.

“We will continue to offer more various AI services in cooperation with small- and medium-sized enterprises.”

The mobile carrier said the new product offers diverse content including learning material for children such as Pinkfong.

Pinkfong, a children’s education entertainment brand owned by SmartStudy, offers a variety of video and audio content as well as games through which children can learn Korean, English and mathematics.

Featuring video recognition technology, NUGU Nemo was designed to protect children’s eyesight by automatically stopping video clips and advising them to move back from the screen when they get too close to it.

SK Telecom said the new product will provide users with other diverse information on its screen such as stock information, real-time foreign exchange rates, encyclopedia and Korean-English dictionary.

Users of NUGU Nemo can still enjoy functions of existing AI speakers such as listening to music and checking weather information.

The telecom firm equipped NUGU Nemo with a JBL stereo speaker to offer higher levels of sound quality, the firm noted.

It added the NUGU Nemo AI speaker received an award in the product design category at the iF Design Awards in Germany this year.

The iF Design Awards is one of the most prestigious design prizes in the world with a 65-year history.

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