Meet The Enphase, a Device That Lets You Store and Monitor Electricity At Home

The Enphase is an integrated device that allows home owners to monitor and store solar electricity that is generated on the rooftop, whilst also keeping tabs on their overall consumption of electricity at the same time. The product is the latest and most exciting entrant into the home energy storage market.

The system is equipped with a modular AC battery array as well as a special networking hub that connects to a cloud-based app. The technology is incredibly safe as it uses a “prismatic cell format”. which is extremely resilient to high temperatures and trauma events. Unlike other home energy storage solutions, the Enphase device doesn’t require you to add additional components to convert the power supply, and also doesn’t need extra software to monitor battery usage.

The Enphase is set to be piloted in Australia from December 2015, as it goes about trying to revolutionize the home energy storage market.

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