This Cell Collection Kit Might Save You In The Future.

Cell Collection and cryopreservation used to be prohibitively expensive, and required invasive, sometimes risky medical procedures.

Acorn Biolabs, a Toronto-based start up, is flipping that script with the roll-out of its Home Cell Collection kit, which requires only a few hairs to provide you a with a comprehensive biological insurance policy.

In the future, stem cells could be the key to treating a myriad of illnesses from heart disease to cancer, and there’s even hope that they can be used to slow down the process of aging.

Your cells can be converted into stem cells that are specifically tuned for your system, and cryopreservation ensures that these cells will be available whenever you may need them.

Until then, Acorn will provide customers with a full analysis of their cryopreserved cells including the determination of your genetic age, with plans to add full genetic testing to their provided services in coming years.

For $299, Acorn will send you the Home Cell Collection kit and provide one year of cryopreservation.

Each additional year of cryopreservation costs $199 for adults and $99 for youth under 18.

The service isn’t cheap, but it is convenient, and for those that worry about health and the well being of loved ones, the fee may be well worth it for the peace of mind.