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Games going “eco”?

Sick of shooting guns and fighting monsters? How about a gentle deep-sea swim as a dolphin? That’s exactly what indie game developer Tigertron is offering players of its Jupiter & Mars, which is proving to be one of this year’s most unusual PlayStation 4 games.

Set in a future beyond mankind’s disappearance, this first-person, single-player game has the player controlling Jupiter, a dolphin who is accompanied by a computer-controlled buddy named Mars. Echolocation is used to reveal the underwater seascape and Jupiter blows bubbles, called Vortex Rings, to free sea creatures trapped in human-made trash, while fending off harmful jellyfish.

Tigertron developer James Mielke cut his teeth at Tokyo-based Q Entertainment, which at the time was headed up by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, a designer famed for blending music with outstanding graphics. With stylish vector graphics and soothing electro beats, Jupiter & Mars (priced at ¥2,800 on PS4 and PlayStation VR), proudly bears the influence of Mizuguchi-led games, such as Sega’s revolutionary Rez.

It is also not just a chic and chill gaming experience, but one with a message that resonates with today’s environmental concerns.

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