Yamaha Motor Prototypes 4-wheeled FCV : Drive range expected to be 150-200km

Yamaha Motor Co Ltd developed a prototype of the “YG-M FC” four-wheeled fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) and will start to test it on a public road in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

The vehicle will run on a 3km-long urban course several times at low speeds in the aim of testing its traveling performance and usability.

Compared with the specifications of electric vehicles (EVs) having the same automobile rank, the drive range of the YG-M FC is expected to be four to five times longer (150-200km).

Yamaha Motor improved the operation rate of the vehicle by reducing the time it takes to restart the vehicle. If it becomes possible to travel a long distance by using one vehicle, introduction cost can probably be reduced, compared with the case in which two EVs are used to cover the same distance.

Yamaha Motor expects to use the YG-M FC for “MaaS (Mobility as a service),” which connects various “mobilities” via a service.

“We are developing the vehicle in view of commercialization,” the company said.

Yamaha Motor developed the fuel-cell (FC) system of the vehicle in cooperation with another company. A round hydrogen tank, FC stack, battery pack for driving the vehicle and motor were embedded under the rear seat of the rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

The vehicle was developed based on a compact car that Yamaha Motor is selling as “Land Car.” It is expected to be used for making short travels on the premises of an airport, factory, zoo, etc.

The YG-M FC falls under the category of light car. It can carry four people including a driver (two on the front seat and the other two on the rear seat). It measures 3,370 (L) x 1,340 (W) x 1,710mm (H) and weighs 640kg.

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