Personal Air Conditioners ‘Evapolar’ Cools an Immediate Area Instead of a Whole Room at the Office

These personal air conditioners solve the common dilemma of undesired, uncontrollable temperatures in the office. Oftentimes, workplace temperatures are the opposite of outside: too hot when it’s cold out and too cold when it’s hot out. While the Evapolar doesn’t provide a solution for the frigid office, it does for the workspace that is uncomfortably warm.

By simply using an accordion of basalt materials, the Evapolar functions as a fan for your desk that is low-energy and personalized — as the cool air it provides doesn’t spread to the room, let alone your neighbor’s desk. The personal air conditioners use a simple yet intense evaporation and cooling system to suck in water from the air and cool it down through capillary action. Powerful while compact, this energy-efficient device will help make the every day experience at work a little more comfortable.

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