A Drivable Cardboard Lexus

This design feat pushes the boundaries of “eco-friendly cars,” taking the concept of cardboard cars from something you’d associate with a child’s playtime to a fully functioning sedan made entirely from sheets of laser-cut cardboard.

This vehicle is made up of 1,700 pieces of cardboard — from the dashboard to the hubcaps, it is certifiably environmentally friendly. The incredible origami-like automobile has functioning headlights, rolling wheels, opening doors and an electric engine. While it would be unwise to take it out for a spin in the rain, the car is in fact drivable.

The concept of designing realistic cardboard cars arose from the many problems associated with diesel engines that have come out of the Volkswagen scandal. While the car will not actually be for sale, it will be on display at the UK’s Grand Designs Live Show, undoubtedly inspiring awe and sparking conversation.

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