New Power Conditioner for Solar Plants, Storage Batteries

Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corp (TMEIC) announced a new large-capacity power conditioner for mega (large-scale) solar power plants and storage battery systems.

Solar power generation is globally shifting from generous political support to self-reliant growth.

And there are trends of increasing capacity to improve cost effectiveness and installing storage batteries for self-consumption or stabilization of power source.

TMEIC developed the new product to take advantage of such trends.

The new power conditioner realizes the world’s highest-level efficiency of 99.1% and has a structure using power conditioner modules (output: 920kW each) arranged in parallel.

As a result, its output can be changed by changing the number of modules.

When it consists of six modules (the maximum number), it realizes an output of 5.5MW, which is the world’s highest-level output of a power conditioner. In the past, TMEIC commercialized a 3.2MW product, but, this time, the company increased the capacity to higher than 5MW at once.

Each module has an MPPT (maximum power point tracking) function. So, even if some solar panels were blocked from sunlight or a mega solar plant is located in an uneven area (e.g. mountainous area), the output of the entire system can be maximized.

Also, if a power conditioner fails to operate properly, properly-functioning power conditioners will continue to operate and minimize the output reduction of the entire system, according to TMEIC.