Beijing hospital launches smart diagnosis system to help patients

Peking University People’s Hospital, a leading Chinese hospital in Beijing, announced that its internet technology-based smart post-diagnosis patient management system had completed pilot operation successfully and would be used throughout the hospital, making it the first hospital in China to utilize such an online healthcare system to provide better care and medicine access to patients.

Through the prescription-sharing platform of Bestyoo, an enterprise affiliated to Chinese pharmaceutical company Baheal Pharmaceutical Group, prescription information from the hospital are shared with medicine distributors and pharmacies, so that patients are able to buy medicines from nearby pharmacies, or get medicines delivered to them.

The system is especially convenient for patients having follow-up treatments, because they can have online medical consultation and then get the medicines without visiting the hospital.

Zhang Jun, deputy president of the hospital, said the hospital hopes to contribute to China’s healthcare reform through the adoption of the system, which can not only improve medical services hospitals provide, but also can help control medical cost.

The hospital plans to connect more pharmacies and community hospitals, to provide better care to patients, Zhang said.

It is also easy to collect and analyze patients’ post-diagnosis data through the system, which will useful for doctors to conduct academic studies, he said.

In recent years, Chinese authorities have issued a slew of guidelines to boost the healthy development of internet healthcare industry in China.

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