Connected Rooftop Gardens

This Elevated Garden Spans the Gaps Between Skyscrapers.

‘Vo Trong Nghia Architects’ is working on designs for an elevated garden that spans the gaps between three skyscrapers. In many cities, rooftop gardens have become a popular way to add green space to an urban area. However, this public walkway takes the idea of a rooftop garden to a whole new level.

The Diamond Lotus project involves building an elevated garden that spans the gaps between multiple skyscrapers. The walkway itself will consist of multiple rooftop gardens connected by suspension bridges. The park is set to feature expansive green space and numerous trees. The public garden will be located 22 stories in the air and will allow users to seamlessly move from one building to the next. The buildings themselves will be residential condos, meaning residents will have easy access to an expansive public garden.

The project demonstrates one of the innovative ways that developers are bringing natural elements into the urban environment.

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