A Solar-Powered Desalination Plant

This Sustainable Technology Turns Salt Water into Drinking Water.

In California’s Central Valley engineers are using eco-friendly technology to turn salt water into drinking water. While there is a severe shortage of drinking water in the Central Valley, the area has an abundance of natural salt water. When this water is used for irrigation purposes, the extra-salty runoff poses a danger to wildlife and the surrounding ecosystem.

To turn the salt water into drinking water, a San Francisco-based startup is working on constructing a solar-powered desalination plant. Although most desalination technology is used to turn ocean water into safe drinking water, ‘WaterFX’ will be used to transform California’s polluted farm water. By treating the salt water, the solar-powered plant will produce enough water for 10,000 homes or nearly 2,000 acres of farmland.

By running on renewable energy, WaterFX dramatically reduces the large carbon footprint produced by other desalination plants.

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