Japanese underwear store will use 3D scanner for body measurement.

Wacoal Holdings Corp will open an underwear store where women can easily and quickly measure their body sizes without being touched by a store clerk.

The name of the service is “3D smart & try.” The store will be opened on the fourth floor of Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajyuku in Shibuya, Tokyo, May 30, 2019.

At the store, a 3D body scanner that Wacoal co-developed with Liquid Inc, which develops image recognition engines, etc, will be set up.

Visitors will be able to enter a “measurement space” similar to a normal fitting room and put on their own underwear or underwear specialized for measurement.

Their bodies will be scanned, and their entire bodies will be three-dimensionally reproduced with about 1.5 million dots.

The measurement time is five seconds. Based on the distance between dots, the body size, partial volumes, etc will be calculated.

In the store, a tablet computer will be used to propose underwear. For the proposal, IBM Corp’s “Watson” AI system will be used. Visitors will select their problems, favorite designs and silhouettes.

The system will combine them with measured data obtained by the 3D body scanner and propose underwear.

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