Interactive Billboards getting smarter

Some might say that this form of marketing is outdated, however, brands are reviving the tradition through imaginative interactive billboards that both call attention to the product, service or initative, as well as engage the audience on a more personable level.

There really seems to be no limit to innovatively interactive billboards — from Taco Bell’s cheese-dispensing sign which topped up nachos with gooey goodness to FOX’s sunlight-responsive posters that burst into flame to Peoples Jewellers’ sizeable love-embracing campaigns. New technology and its creative applications do not only benefit consumer engagement, but they also help brands to better target their demographic.

For example, Uber tapped into data from mobile operators to create a billboard that curates special, real-time advertisements to individuals who are in close proximity to its interactive billboards.

Another example is this BA billboard where the kid points at a passing plane and the screen gives you information on the flight.

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