• $699

A Desktop Biolab

Performing biological research from home is no easy feat and has been traditionally reserved for the lab, so the ‘Feles One’ desktop biolab has been created as a solution to help make this a reality.

Small enough for placement on any workstation, the appliance works by letting consumers test organic materials around them to identify species, see if there’s any unwarned ingredients in their food and much more. The unit can also be used for chefs as a way for them to perform molecular gastronomy, gardening and mixology to keep them on the right track with their process.

The ‘Feles One’ desktop biolab boasts an intuitive, easy user interface that can be used by curious consumers of all ranges and also has portable design that’s easily cleaned.

Discover, interact, and invent with biology in a whole new way with the Feles One Complete Desktop Biolab.

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