The Blockchain Smart City

Jeffrey Berns has come to be known as a cryptocurrency millionaire since he accumulated a fortune last year and now the wealthy individual is planning on funding a Blockchain Smart City concept.

Securing a sizable parcel of the Nevada desert, Berns is envisioning a cryptocurrency utopia, where the entire city is powered by the digital currency. The plot spans 67,000 acres and the millionaire paid $170 million USD for it.

As the value of cryptocurrency is not tied to any particular authority, therefore, the Blockchain Smart City will be an entirely “new kind of business and residential community” that will provide new grounds for technological development, greater degrees of privacy, along with “efficiency, sustainability, transparency, and provenance.”

For the design of the Blockchain Smart City, Berns is enlisting LA firms Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects and Tom Wiscombe Architecture.

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