A new all-in-one e-money, points services and ad/PR card

The Biglobe Touchcard may sound like the latest in e-money or points services, but it’s actually a public relations tool that brings together a little bit of old-school physical card usage with digital tech.

Released by Touchcard and the internet service providers Biglobe, it is basically a tap card that activates a touchscreen, which could be a smartphone, tablet or even PC.

The cards are printed with Touchcard’s patented conductive ink circuitry, which a touch screen can recognize the same way it does a fingerprint. When placed over a screen, the device will be directed to a linked webpage.

The cards can be printed with original designs and each side can direct the user to different online content.

Suggested applications have been for companies to offer their customers exclusive online content, such as videos, audio, images and discount coupons.

Biglobe and Touchcard also envision the cards being used as collectors items, for example as sports cards that direct users to information about individual members of teams featured on the cards.

Other ideas include giving cards to visitors at events, so they can be directed to online multilingual information about the event and surrounding facilities.

Shimizu S-Pulse, a J. League soccer club, is already using the cards and is offering its fans who bought this year’s official uniform merchandise a bonus card that allows them to view original video clips of the team.

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