Smart Water Meters – The ‘Aquai Puck’ is an App-Connected Water Reader That Attaches to Appliances

These smart water meters help homeowners reduce consumption of the precious resource that is becoming more and more scarce each year. The ‘Aquai Puck’ is a water usage reader that can be directly attached to any appliance like a shower, toilet pipe or washing machine. Unlike regular meters that use sonar to measure water usage, this device physically measures the amount of water used.

With a WiFi router, these devices can connect to a free smartphone app that alerts users when they’ve reached a pre-set water level, if something has been left running or even if there’s a leak. The smart water meters measure things like shower time or gallons used, gamifying home owners’ water-conservation practices by encouraging them to set goals.

Not only environmentally friendly but also economical, this app-connected device could be integrated into every home to limit droughts like that in California from occurring all over the world.

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