This Office Tower Effortlessly Moves Air Without the Use of Energy

Pittsburgh is now home to a breathing office tower that effortlessly moves air in and out of the building without the use of energy. In the majority of high-rise buildings, the only way to get rid of stale air is to pump it through a ventilation system. This innovative office building offers a more sustainable type of ventilation system.

The breathing office tower was designed as the headquarters for PNC. Unlike other office towers, the PNC building features a natural ventilation system that does not run on traditional energy sources. The building features a double-layer facade and automated windows that open based on temperature. If the humidity levels are right and the air pollution is low, the vents will pop open and let fresh air pour into the building. The building also features a solar chimney that can suck hot air out of the structure on warmer days. The unique design creates the illusion that the office tower is actually breathing.

The PNC building demonstrates one of the sustainable ways that architects can move air in and out of high-rise buildings.

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