• $499

WickedLasers LaserCube

The WickedLasers ‘LaserCube’ is a feature-rich device that harnesses the power of laser technology to provide consumers with a way to upgrade their entertainment and design projects.

The compact device is completely portable thanks to a built-in battery pack that will enable users to bring it just about anywhere to create light shows, play games, use it as an engraver and much more.

The powerful design of the unit will enable an array of connectivity options for use with instruments, computers and beyond.

The WickedLasers ‘LaserCube’ projector is priced at $499 and has a 1kW laser diode that features analog modulation to product up to 33,000 different color variations.

The device is compatible for use with Android, PC and Mac OSs, and over 20 different apps.

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