A Personal Pollution-Tracking Device

The ‘CleanSpace Tag’ is a personal device that delivers air quality readings directly to a user’s smartphone. As air quality continues to deteriorate in many urban areas, consumers have become more concerned about the air they are breathing. This device helps consumers stay informed by allowing them to collect local air pollution data.

The CleanSpace Tag is a personal air pollution sensor that connects directly to a user’s smartphone. The device collects information about atmospheric conditions in order to deliver real-time air quality readings. Unlike other pollution-tracking devices, the CleanSpace Tag amalgamates data from nearby users in order to provide a more clear picture of the air quality in a given area. Users can then use the information provided by the CleanSpace network to choose the cleanest route or the most eco-friendly form of transportation.

The CleanSpace Tag demonstrates how crowdsourced data can be used to keep consumers informed about local conditions.

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